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Silent & Vibrationless Piling

Sheet piles often need to be installed in close proximity to existing structures and in noise sensitive areas. In these situations the use of conventional piling is not feasible due to the resulting noise and vibration.

CMP's silent sheet piling rig provides a solution to this problem by giving us the ability to install and extract sheet piles in a virtually noise and vibration free manner.

The silent piling machine works by pressing piles into the ground and removes the need for large piling gates, making it ideal for areas with restricted access.

CMP own and operate a silent piling rig that works by pressing piles into the ground rather than needing to vibrate or impact them. This overcomes issues relating to vibration and to noise.

The silent piling technique also makes it possible to also possible to install sheet pile corners, gradual curves and go up or down gradual slopes.

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