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CMP offer a range of modular barges. The heavy duty modular pontoons have 60 tonnes of carrying capacity each unit. These can be road transported the same as they are the same as a standard 12m long container, and they are 2.4m wide by 2.4m high.

The system is perfect for economic transportation and removes the risk of transporting by sea. A standard 10 float configuration can be assembled in one day. There are no limits on the size of barge that can be assembled. We have assembled barges large enough to accommodate a 180t crane lifting our 33t piling hammer.

CMP also offer uni-floats as a lightweight modular barge. 4 floats can be loaded onto one standard HGV making it an efficient method of building a barge.

CMP have long term arrangements with several UK based barge companies which provides us with a good opportunity to source and supply all types of marine barges. We have recently worked closely with our partners in Liverpool using a 60m x 22m barge to install 100tonne piles.

For more information on hire of barges please contact us.

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