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Hydraulic Piling Rigs


CMP offer three sizes of hydraulic piling rig with different mast lengths of 12, 14 and 17m. Based on site experience ABI has re-designed the ABI MOBILRAM for even higher performance and safety. The new improved version features a stronger telescopic mast with even greater usable length.


The telescopic leader mast is the key component on the ABI MOBILRAM-System which guides all attachments for common and extraordinary pile driving, extracting, augering and static pressing operations. Usable pile or auger lengths from 8 - 25 m are available through the model range.

Low set up times

The erection time of an ABI Mobilram is very low with less than 30 min and to bring the unit back in transport configuration takes not longer. It is done in a one step operation. Vibrators and all other attachments are connected and disconnected quickly and safely by the docking system or the traditional rapid changing device.

High Mobility

In transport configuration the telescopic leader mast is completely contracted to his minimum length and 90° slewed. Bigger units come with carriers featuring an extendable undercarriage for great on site stability and compact transport dimensions. A true self propelled and compact one-load transporting unit.

All of our sheet piling rigs are available for hire, and our specialist team can help you select a piling rig that will meet your specifications.

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